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My story and leadership journey

Story published as submitted for the contest “Story of Change”. I grew in single-parent families, and I was raised by my mother alone. As a single mother, she might encounter many difficulties, but she was always very energetic and loved to help others. My mother has a great influence on […]

Being a Woman in Kerasovo, Greece: a glocal issue

Story published as submitted for the contest “Story of Change”. I come from a small rural community in the north of my country, Kerasovo Konitsis, a beautiful mountainous village. Throughout my childhood I listened to the stories of women in my village and witnessed the difficulties and inequalities they were […]

Osaruguemwen Benedicta Ogbeide Young Teacher- Leader

Young Teacher- Leader

Story published as submitted for the contest “Story of Change”. Osaruguemwen Benedicta Ogbeide won the third price of the contest. As a young woman, I never dreamt I would be a teacher. My heart desire was to become a diplomat. This burning desire influenced my decision to study Political Science […]

Corliss Lee sharing her story at World Council

A Journey of an Empowered Girl Empowering Others

Story published as submitted for the contest “Story of Change”. Corliss Lee won the first price of the contest and had the opportunity to share her story of transformative leadership at World YWCA Council that was held the 17 to 22 November 2019 in Johannesburg, South Africa. Here is Corliss […]

On The World Stage

Every four years, the World YWCA conducts a series of business meetings inviting women from YWCAs in 120 countries. The focus of these meetings is empowering women, laying out the strategic framework for a movement focused on gender equality and ending violence, electing a new governing body for the worldwide […]

YWCA Goes Global: Lessons From YWCA Of Taiwan

WCA Canada’s Manager of Programs & Projects, Sydney Piggott, was one of 30 young leaders selected for the 2019 Mosaic Taiwan Fellowship – an international diplomacy program for Canadian and American students and young professionals offered by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of China (Taiwan). Taiwan’s Vibrant Democracy From […]