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Comics, Cartoons and Gender Equality

By: Dhivya Shastri, YWCA of Canada By: Agata Hop, Poland (3rd Place) About my comic: The cartoon portrays today’s sad reality in an amusing way. While the man is riding an escalator to success, the woman has to climb the ladder carrying a lot of burden.**

“No nos queda otro camino más que luchar”

Daniela Zelaya, World YWCA Communications & Programme Associate (YWCA of Honduras) El mundo entero y todos los hondureños estamos de luto. La enorme ola de violencia que acecha el país ha cobrado una víctima más. Berta Cáceres, conocida por su incansable lucha a favor de los pueblos indígenas y la […]

Leadership at YWCA Malawi

By Kumilonje Dzabala, YWCA of Malawi When anyone hears the term “woman leader”, the initial thought is always along the lines of president, parliamentarian, or chief of a village…something politically inclined. When challenged to think about women leaders a little more, then more interesting answers come up…mother, church leader, older sister, […]

Intergenerational Leadership – Complement NOT Compete

Written by: Naomi Woyengu, YWCA of Papua New Guinea.  Last week I had the privilege of attending the third national women’s forum with the theme “Women Empowering Women: Her Success is your Success”. A very powerful theme that resonates the importance of women empowering, mentoring and celebrating each other’s successes in […]

She Speaks – Mental Health

By Lillian Barkley, World YWCA Intern.  My friend, knowing I was planning on studying abroad, shared some advice from their semester abroad: just travel alone, wander around and get lost in different cities. As a woman who loves her alone time as much as travel, this sounded perfect. The only […]

The Horror of the Little Lioness

By Maureen Magak, YWCA of Kenya  One morning two little girls were compelled to tell their story maybe by something deep inside them that was curiously dying to know if all the women in the world had the same fate as theirs.The two girls who were at the tender ages […]

Sex Trafficking in Canada’s North

By: Dhivya Shastri, YWCA of Canada Working in Canada’s Arctic territory of Nunavut has shown me a side of my own country that I never really knew existed. I am not Inuit, but working here gives me the greatest gift I can receive: a perspective.