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all my anxieties World YWCA She Speaks

All My Anxieties

It has been two long months. No, a little over that, I think.  I am not the most original thinker to state that This Quarantine (TM) has been a weird beast to be forced to befriend. Fully aware of my immense social privileges, including the privilege of being able to […]

Thoughts through crisis by Ellie Schonberg

Thoughts Through Crisis

In early January, I arrived in Geneva, Switzerland to begin what I thought would be 4 months studying abroad. The minute I stepped off the plane in Geneva, I was in love with the city. The mountainous backdrop, the swiss concern for cleanliness, and the European atmosphere pulled me. My […]

How YWCAs are Responding to COVID-19-3

How YWCAs are Responding to COVID-19

The YWCA is a global movement of leaders. YWCA leaders are women of all ages. They are problem solvers, care takers, agents of change, and supporters in their communities and families, both formally and informally. During the COVID-19 pandemic, we know women carry an even heavier load, tending to the […]