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Dear 2022

We are hundreds of years past the ‘normal’

We are much late than the pandemic

The pandemic which brought a huge stagnant

But we speak of much early

Much early when ocean levels were constant

And skies were blue and clear

And clear were the people and their intentions

It might look like a utopia as I speak of

But it was an earth which we dream of… Now

Now when there are stretches of dry patches on one part 

to floods ending life on another,

Where fishes die thirsty and birds of exhaustion

I see forests smashed

And rivers dry

It’s our reality now

Even if we sigh.

But what ‘we’ am I referring to.

There are no friends and family here

I lost some years back of some I had a while ago.

A part of us had survived

The ones who touched the greatest highs

The ones who planned an alternate sky.

The ones who had bought nature

& The ones who still market a feature.

Of all the ones, one might still think of others

Others who no longer exist here

Who couldn’t stand the fear.

Fear of death and life in here

Fear of survival in this land of fake cheer.

I thought there was time 

There’s time to breathe

Breathe some air

Of life that was free

Later when it had a price

Some could buy 

Others left on a spree.

I write this letter to you from now

Now I wish I never see n how

I ask you to think of us

When you take that cab, you might take that bus

When you use the straw

Try finding a way

Way to ban plastic and ask others to Fay.

We sit in ACs and complain of sun

Call out these practices,

And make them shun.

One step each day 

One day a new day

Together you might

Compete with today.

Nothing as biases would save you, friend

Respect and love

Might lead to a better end.

I call for youth 

And old to save their gains

Your savings will help

The future sustain.

I call for Women, you hear me too,

Stand and stand for me and you

There’s time you see

Grays still have hope

Before the earth moves down that slope.

I call for all

Not just to survive

Work together and all let’s thrive.

Don’t let me down

Or your future generations

You’ll get there, I know

With hands in hands and sheer resilience.

A poem By Yashika Sharma

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