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Meet the 10 leaders joining the 2021 World YWCA Leadership Cohort

In July 2021, the World YWCA called young women across the YWCA movement to apply to become part of the Leadership Cohort Programme 2021.

Originally known as the World YWCA internship programme and supported by the centennial YWCA World Service Council, the Leadership Cohort programme offers young women the opportunity to virtually experience the community building, work, and reach of the World YWCA at one level, and locally or nationally with their YWCA at another level.

In previous years, the programme was able to select two or three young women to become cohort members or interns. However, as a result of the new hybrid format, 10 young women from 8 different countries around the world were able to seize this opportunity to work together and discover new horizons to their leadership journey.

We are thrilled to announce the following young women leaders as members of the 2021 World YWCA Leadership Cohort

All 10 cohort members will be working with the World YWCA along with their respective host YWCA associations from 20 September 2021 to 17 December 2021. This year marks the first time we have a significant number of cohort members from local associations, including Secunderabad, Taipei, Kisumu, and Walla Walla. Their work will allow these young women to make a powerful impact within their communities by leveraging and sharpening their skills as strategic YWCA leaders. In addition, the programme will allow its members to network with other like-minded leaders, and gain knowledge and practical experience with global and specific thematic areas regarding leadership, advocacy, movement-building, strategic communications, good governance, and accountability.

Please join us in welcoming this year’s Leadership Cohort members. Stay tuned to World YWCA social media channels to learn more about them and the work they will be doing in the coming months.

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