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Zero Discrimination Lifestyle

Written By: Yvonne Schüpbach Recently got to know this unbelievable story: Saudi Arabia ordered 74 new Metro trains of the company Siemens (Vienna). The total costs will be 500 million Euros. These trains will officially divide the customers in three different social and sexual classes.

Put One’s Money Where Ones Mouth Is

By Vanessa Anyoti, YWCA of Tanzania, Programmes Associate World YWCA “We call upon UN Agencies, Governments, Civil Society and the Private Sector to provide financial support for Women, Young Women and Girls and programs; and create safe spaces for the engagement and participation of young women and girls in the […]

Comics, Cartoons and Gender Equality

By: Dhivya Shastri, YWCA of Canada By: Agata Hop, Poland (3rd Place) About my comic: The cartoon portrays today’s sad reality in an amusing way. While the man is riding an escalator to success, the woman has to climb the ladder carrying a lot of burden.**