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Spotlight on Kara Brown

Meet Kara Brown,  the leader of the Young Women’s Engagement team at the World YWCA office in Geneva. Kara’s story is one that harmoniously combines personal and professional development and teaches us that leadership is not about power and domination but about being able to make choices and use those […]

Young Women Rise: UN CSW Youth Forum

The World YWCA doesn’t do advocacy by half measure. Picture 1,000 young people from every continent queuing in the bitter cold New York streets for a seat in a plush chair and chance to share their voice inside the United Nations headquarters. There are not many things we would queue […]

The Stigma Around Caring for Your Mental Health

Written by Andrea Thaxton Overwhelmed.  Stressed.  Depressed.  Burned-out.  Giving up.  Throwing in the towel.  These are all terms people frequently use to describe their lives or how they are feeling.  For some people, this may be a more frequent occurrence than others.  They are all interconnected to one very prominent […]

Self Care

by Alex Martin, World YWCA Intern It’s Monday, August came to end with the quickness of a four-day-weekend and the urgency of the months to-do-list bites like the cold air you forgot. It’s September again, but I’ve always liked the autumn. It feels less obligatory then the rest. There is […]