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My Future Belongs To Me

Imagine a young girl with so many dreams and ambitions living in a society that believes it has the rights and power to plan, determine and own her life. For me, as a young woman from Tanzania, it’s scary to have been born a woman because of the political, social […]

Disability rights of women and girls are human rights

I had an opportunity to attend the 19th session of the Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD), an independent body of experts, which monitors the rights of people living with disabilities on behalf of the UN. This session was particularly interesting for me, as it was focused […]


For centuries we didn’t have a voice, We didn’t have a choice. For years we silenced ourselves with this so called idea of a “Lady” Quiet. Polite. Obedient.   But today we can rejoice, For we do have the choice. We are no longer this so called “Lady” We are […]