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Honor-Killing: How much longer?

In the Middle Eastern countries, the tragic killing of women by their closest male relatives are repeated. In Jordan, Palestine, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Pakistan, Iran, Egypt, and  others, news of the killing of women for the motive of “washing off the shame” is rarely heard; yet hardly any of […]

Corliss Lee sharing her story at World Council

A Journey Of An Empowered Girl Empowering Others

Story published as submitted for the contest “Story of Change”. Hello, this is Corliss Lee from YWCA Hong Kong. It is so glad to share with my transformation in my YWCA journey. It is a journey of an empowered girl empower others.  I had never initiated to take up leadership […]

On The World Stage

Every four years, the World YWCA conducts a series of business meetings inviting women from YWCAs in 120 countries. The focus of these meetings is empowering women, laying out the strategic framework for a movement focused on gender equality and ending violence, electing a new governing body for the worldwide […]