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YWCA Goes Global: Lessons From YWCA Of Taiwan

WCA Canada’s Manager of Programs & Projects, Sydney Piggott, was one of 30 young leaders selected for the 2019 Mosaic Taiwan Fellowship – an international diplomacy program for Canadian and American students and young professionals offered by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of China (Taiwan). Taiwan’s Vibrant Democracy From […]

"The World YWCA doesn’t just care about women’s rights, but they are actively working towards female equality around the world every day.

My Internship At The World YWCA

first decided to study in Geneva way back in November of 2017. Back then, I had no idea what I was in for. Studying abroad was something that I had always dreamed of doing, and the opportunities that were offered through this program seemed too good to be true – […]

Staff Spotlight: Talisa Avanthay

Meet Talisa Avanthay, Communications Assistant Talisa joined the World YWCA in 2019 with experience of bringing effective communication systems into the development world. Passionate about defending freedom of speech and information, gender equality and the fight against early and forced child marriage, she is keen to stand up for the […]

"Every single young woman that is reached by the World YWCA through leadership training, advocacy events, social media and other programmes is an accomplishment"

A Student Becoming An Intern At The World YWCA

As a Political Science university student, with a focus in International Relations, I have studied the complexity of the many collective efforts by states, and an increasing number of non-state actors, to identify, understand and address a variety of issues and problems in the world today. In this community of […]

I believe in the power of art for social change. Art as a critical step to facilitate better engagement in decision making process and meaningfully raising the voices of young women.

Spotlight On Jane Lagos Salazar

orn and raised in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, Jane Lagos Salazar is a social researcher, a remarkable visual producer and an active volunteer at the YWCA of Honduras. As an active participant in a number of research projects on human rights and public policies, Jane has actively engaged in issues both at community as […]

Vanessa Innovating For Change! ✨

Imagine the difference a young woman makes when she has the opportunity for a transformative leadership journey using, her unique talents to building her confidence and leadership. For 2016 World YWCA intern Vanessa from Tanzania, the support of women and young women was invaluable for her to realize her vision […]

#SisterhoodBeyondBorders: Valentine’s Day 2019

This year Valentine’s Day was on Thursday. A day for love. We ran a campaign around sharing love through sisterhood which has for so long defined the YWCA movement. As a collective, collaborative and intergenerational movement, sisterhood has meant thinking and acting as a collective. Through our call we sent […]

Finding Sisterhood beyond Borders: A Letter of Love

Dear 2019 St Valentine, or On non-cis-terhood & romance. All around us, there are subtle and not-so-subtle signs that a hierarchy of love exists. There are certain kinds of love that are (and for some apparent reason never clearly communicated) regarded as more important than others. In today’s society, at […]