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Leadership Cohort Members 2023 to Lead the way toward a historic World YWCA Council

In an exciting development for the World YWCA, two outstanding young women leaders have been selected to join the Leadership Cohort 2023. Eraj Waqar from YWCA Canada and Amanda Fernandes from YWCA Goa, India, have been chosen for their exceptional leadership skills, dedication to the YWCA movement, and commitment to fostering sustainable engagement and inclusive decision-making.

The leadership cohort will engage in a unique hybrid format, collaborating remotely with the World YWCA team before converging in Geneva to conduct the first-ever virtual World Council. This innovative approach aims to create a more inclusive and accessible platform for exchanging ideas and decisions that shape the organisation’s future.

Eraj and Amanda will be pivotal in co-creating the building blocks for each weekly module of the virtual programme, playing an active role in designing an enriching experience to enhance their skills and broaden their professional network. This initiative reflects the YWCA World Service Council’s commitment to empowering young women leaders to take charge and actively contribute to the World YWCA’s organisational transformation and governance modernisation journey.

The young women leaders will gain hands-on experience working alongside the World YWCA team on movement-building work in a professional environment during their engagement. This immersive experience will equip cohort members with the skills and insights to drive meaningful impact within their communities and beyond.

The World YWCA’s commitment to fostering a supportive and empowering environment for young women leaders is at the heart of this leadership cohort programme. By encouraging active involvement and co-creation, we aim to ensure that the voices of young women are heard and valued in the decision-making process.

As Eraj Waqar and Amanda Fernandes embark on this transformative journey, they become not only torchbearers for the YWCA movement but also inspirations for other young women worldwide.

Join us in welcoming our Leadership Cohort members for 2032, and stay tuned to World YWCA’s social media channels to learn more about them and the work they will be doing in the coming months.

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