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The YWCA empowering me

By Marie-Nour Rattel, YWCA of Lebanon So I was asked to talk about something I learned from the YWCA, and I couldn’t find a thing, simply because the YWCA is one of the major things that contributed in building my character, just by showing women that they can. They can what? […]

Leadership at YWCA Malawi

By Kumilonje Dzabala, YWCA of Malawi When anyone hears the term “woman leader”, the initial thought is always along the lines of president, parliamentarian, or chief of a village…something politically inclined. When challenged to think about women leaders a little more, then more interesting answers come up…mother, church leader, older sister, […]

Intergenerational Leadership – Complement NOT Compete

Written by: Naomi Woyengu, YWCA of Papua New Guinea.  Last week I had the privilege of attending the third national women’s forum with the theme “Women Empowering Women: Her Success is your Success”. A very powerful theme that resonates the importance of women empowering, mentoring and celebrating each other’s successes in […]