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Spotlight on Naomi

“To my sisters around the world, remember that ‘you were born to stand out and not fit in’” Naomi Avah-Ghittrah Woyengu, who hails from Papua New Guinea, became a staff member of the YWCA Papua New Guinea in 2014. She fell in love with the movement, as she felt a […]

Spotlight on Haneen

“It’s important to give others encouragement, because I am a firm believer that, whatever you give, you get it back!” Haneen is currently a lawyer in Palestine, and a board member of the YWCA Palestine as well. Haneen is passionate on issues of peace, justice, and gender equality because of […]

Spotlight on Sophia Pierre-Antoine

“I am not free while any woman is unfree, even when her shackles are very different from my own.” When asked for her favorite quote, Sophia Pierre-Antoine gave this one by Audre Lorde and by looking at her life and work, it is clear that this statement has been a […]

Spotlight on Eun Young Kim (Grace)

  Eun Young, also known as Grace, is the Program Coordinator of International Relations and Cooperation Committee of the National YWCA office in South Korea. Grace is originally from South Korea, but spent her adolescent and schooling years in the U.S, and has now returned to South Korea. Having lived […]


I hope you will learn that education is key, add humility, dignity and respect; you have a bunch of keys. I hope you will learn that beauty is engraved on the soul, coz that is where things like forever come from. I hope. I hope you learn not to fight […]

Spotlight on Yadanar

Yadanar: “I was born in Yangon. I grew up as a silent girl, mostly focused on studying. My life changed when I became a Young Women’s Coordinator for the YWCA.  I went to the World YWCA leadership training in Bangkok in 2013. There I met a lot of other young […]