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Amany innovating for change! ✨

Imagine that you have spent your life training to be a free, independent, educated young woman in this world. Imagine that along with that you spent your life dreaming to live with freedom, dignity, safety and pride. Imagine living a life where peace and freedom of movement is still an everyday […]

#SisterhoodBeyondBorders: Valentine’s Day 2019

This year Valentine’s Day was on Thursday. A day for love. We ran a campaign around sharing love through sisterhood which has for so long defined the YWCA movement. As a collective, collaborative and intergenerational movement, sisterhood has meant thinking and acting as a collective. Through our call we sent […]

Finding Sisterhood beyond Borders: A Letter of Love

Dear 2019 St Valentine, or On non-cis-terhood & romance. All around us, there are subtle and not-so-subtle signs that a hierarchy of love exists. There are certain kinds of love that are (and for some apparent reason never clearly communicated) regarded as more important than others. In today’s society, at […]