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‘Still Here’- Centring survivors voice and agency

“Women are involved and affected by civil war as victims, survivors, agents of conflict and peace, which are often different from the experiences of men.”- Naw Dokhal- YWCA Myanmar Women experience and are engaged in conflict and peace on unequal terms with their male counterparts. Dominant, patriarchal narratives frame women […]

YW4A Stories of Leadership: Neema’s story

Hello everyone. My name Neema Nyaundi, from Kisii County in Kenya. I come from a patriarchal community (Kisii) in Kenya that records a high prevalence of SGBV cases. According to the National Crime Research Centre (2018), Kisii County reported the highest cases of spousal /intimate partner violence at 92.9%, domestic […]

Casual Sexism is Not a Joke

Understanding it’s Impact Casual or everyday sexism refers to sexism experienced so regularly that it becomes normalised. Casual sexism is often linked to unconscious sexist beliefs we are not even aware of. It is so culturally pervasive that it has become an implicit or subconscious norm. We (men and women alike) […]