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World YWCA 16 days of activism

For 16 days of activism against violence against women , we marked this year with the theme “Intergenerational Action for Gender-Based Violence: Co-Creating the Future.”  In collaboration with Feminism in India we shared unique stories of leaders from across the world who are combating gender-based violence in their communities. We […]

Young Women Speak About Femicide

This is Suicide This is Genocide This is Homicide What then is Femicide? I can be killed because I am a woman I can be murdered because I was born a woman I can be sentenced to die just because the society defined me This is my story I am […]

Week Without Violence 2021, raising our voices against violence against women

For Week Without Violence 2021, we marked the theme “Intergenerational Action for Gender-Based Violence: Co-Creating the Future.” On ThursdayinBlack, we compiled messages from intergenerational leaders from the YWCA movement to join us and raise their voices against gender-based violence (GBV). We received many impactful messages, from leaders all around the world. […]

“To the young women of my country, I’d like to say that I know it is hard to be a female or a third gender in our country. But don’t let that stop you from believing in yourself.”

Get inspired by stories of change, take action by donating to World YWCA As a young girl, Namrata was raised the same way as her three brothers. The boys in her house didn’t get any preferential treatment. However, as her body began to change after puberty, family and relatives’ perceptions around […]