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Brief Background –  Belong, is dedicated to every young woman who is forced to think that she is not complete without a man. It is for those women who dare to wait, be different and who say I’ll fit in maybe or maybe  I won’t or I will in my own time. To all the single young women, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. You are just alright, complete and full. However, the longing for love and respect does not always need to be felt only from a partner. As women, more as humans, everyone has the right to be loved just the way they are! Be you, own you and try not to give up<3. Only a few dare to be different. I am not advocating for being single. Just saying, enjoy it as long as it lasts. When you find someone (he/she) just go for it. Until then, live the life sister and haters, naysayers can just shut it!


I too, want to belong, 

Belong to a place, 

Where I’m not judged, 

For the colour of my hair, 

Or for the choice of being single, 

Or for just being me.


Is it too much an ask, to be heard and seen that way? 

Let alone fancying the thought of,

Being respected. That’s far away anyways!


All I want is love, 

That is patient, kind and gentle.


I too am a woman,

Regular only, 

Nothing fancy about me,

Just that I can’t and won’t fit into,

Regular definitions. 

And that’s that!

I’m unashamed of my beliefs, 

Uncompromising on my values, 

And fresh like a leaf that wants to be alive.


But, can I?

Through that eyes that only pry, 

And only want to hurt, 

To insult and 

Not accept me.


Anjana Ramanathan

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