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Chase the Elusive Balance: How to Juggle a Baby and a New Business

When it comes to startup businesses, most do not think they can run a startup and take care of a newborn at the same time. How can you bring home a baby and give enough work to your company? While you need to be flexible, you can balance both and start a business with a family-friendly background.

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Organize Your Baby’s Homecoming

Before you put time into your business, let your children come first. Your baby is your priority and you have to allow yourself to get into the swing of parenthood and owning a business. It may mean that you have to feed your baby during conference calls or set a baby monitor next to your desk.

The more you plan, the less likely you are to feel overwhelmed. Allow yourself to receive help, if necessary. Handling a newborn can be overwhelming and some parents choose an in-home nurse or another person to help with care initially. You may want to take time off in the beginning to bond with your baby.

Balance is one of the most challenging aspects of caring for children and running a business. You have double the responsibilities, but through hard work and preservation, it can be worth it.

Put Time Aside for the Business

When starting a new business, you may feel overwhelmed or do not know where to start. If you’re stuck, start with the idea and build it into a solid business plan. You need to understand why you want the business, why your customers need you, and how you plan to target your demographic.

Once you have the idea, it is time to write the plan. Your business plan is not only your guide but lenders and investors may ask for your business plan when agreeing to help fund your company. Some business owners choose to file a DBA (doing business as). You assume a trade name or fictitious name in a DBA by registering with your state, city, or county. DBAs allow you to branch out to try new services or products without using your company’s name. Likewise, if your business’s name is already taken, you can market your services under a different name.

Once you have your business, how can you focus on the company with your baby at home with you? If you have a partner, the two of you can work in shifts with the baby. Try to adjust your schedule around your baby.  If necessary, you may consider child care or keeping your baby close to your office.

Remember to Breathe While Juggling

It used to be taboo to talk about mental health regarding work. Studies show that business owners have a high rate of depression and stress from work. Entrepreneurs have to learn to prioritize themselves and their families. One way to remove yourself from your business is to turn off all email or phone notifications after the end of your workday.

As a new parent and as an entrepreneur, it can be easy to forget about your health. Try to exercise every day, but remember to enjoy it too. If you love yoga, jogging, cycling, or any other form of exercise, put time aside every day to take care of yourself.

To have a new baby and to grow a new business will no doubt take a lot of work, but it can also be incredibly fulfilling. If you dream of children and business ownership, you can obtain both at the same time. Meanwhile, let our lawmakers know that programs like paid family leave don’t simply help children; they empower women to change the fabric of society.

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