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#WorldYWCADay2023: Nanako Safe Space Story

Safe is where:

  • I can be open to various people, ideas, cultures, etc.
  • I can be positive to step forward together with my team
  • I can be inclusive to make the space safe also to other people
  • I can be cheered up when feeling frustration and anxiety
  • I can be authentic to showcase my leadership
  • I can be a transformative leader to bring about change in society.

Safe space cannot be found everywhere in my community. But I found my first safe space at my YWCA when I joined six years ago. Before that, my self-esteem was quite low, but a safe space has given me confidence. When I feel suffocated by a society full of harmful social norms. A safe space is the sole place where I can be myself.

Safe space is, however, delicate because I witnessed a single phrase change a safe place into an unsafe. While enjoying the safe space, I always keep in mind that I am responsible for creating, keeping, and expanding safe space.

By showcasing my leadership and sharing the leadership with my team, I would like to make the hard-to-find and delicate safe space into a ubiquitous and resilient space.

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