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Journey to Feminism and Activism

Many young women and girls who identify as feminists, say their first experience with feminism was experimental, intuitive and intertwined with their own histories, identities and the family background they grew up in. As they go through life, learn and organize their world view changed which could be attributed to […]

No Ordinary Days: The Journey to Feminism

#16DaysOfActivism “I wouldn’t know how to be a woman who is not a feminist.” That has always been my answer whenever people ask me why I am very passionate about women and feminism. What they don’t know is I didn’t just wake up one morning and identified myself as a […]

Meet World YWCA Leadership Cohort 2020

Early in July 2020, the World YWCA launched a call encouraging young women across the YWCA movement to apply to become part of the Leadership Cohort Programme 2020. Supported by the centennial YWCA World Service Council and originally known as the World YWCA internship programme, the Leadership Cohort offers the opportunity for […]