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Power of World YWCAs Transformative

Stories of Five Pioneers and Leaders from the YWCA Movement The COVID-19 pandemic unmasked the ugly reality facing young women and girls who were trapped in close quarters with their abusers, facing issues of employment and income generation and managing the multiple burdens around health and access to resources. It […]

A Leader Beyond Calculus, Physics and NASA

Story of Tina Herrera While most of her peers were fitting in the societal expectations of what an ideal woman should pursue in her career, or to fulfil a more traditional gender role, Tina Herrera was training as a mechanical engineer, a field that was highly dominated by men. Self-assured […]

The Season of Affirmative Yes!

Story of Ashkhen Aslikyan  Born in a small village named Berdavan in Armenia, Ashkhen’s upbringing was conservative. There was so much she couldn’t talk about then because regressive attitudes of people within her community.  It took the Armenian young woman leader close to a decade to fully embrace the ideology […]

The Solitary SRHR activist finds her home in YWCA

Story of Vera Syrokvash For Vera Syrokvash, at the age of six years old, she was already a solitary feminist though unaware of it. As a child, Vera often did not understand why girls were treated differently. Her desire to argue and finding out the truth was not encouraged. There […]

Journey to Feminism and Activism

Many young women and girls who identify as feminists, say their first experience with feminism was experimental, intuitive and intertwined with their own histories, identities and the family background they grew up in. As they go through life, learn and organize their world view changed which could be attributed to […]