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A New Stage of Life

Do I consider myself a feminist? An activist? If you were to ask me from two years ago, the answer would have been “I don’t know.” It’s not that I don’t believe in the importance of feminism or activism. It’s just that these two concepts were not present in my life during […]


  Brief Background –  Belong, is dedicated to every young woman who is forced to think that she is not complete without a man. It is for those women who dare to wait, be different and who say I’ll fit in maybe or maybe  I won’t or I will in my […]

World YWCA 16 days of activism

For 16 days of activism against violence against women , we marked this year with the theme “Intergenerational Action for Gender-Based Violence: Co-Creating the Future.”  In collaboration with Feminism in India we shared unique stories of leaders from across the world who are combating gender-based violence in their communities. We […]

Young Women Speak About Femicide

This is Suicide This is Genocide This is Homicide What then is Femicide? I can be killed because I am a woman I can be murdered because I was born a woman I can be sentenced to die just because the society defined me This is my story I am […]