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Coming Together as a Movement During CSW66

Intergenerational YWCA leaders from across the world came together virtually to engage at the United Nations 66th session of the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW66).

The events for CSW66 were held in a hybrid format from 14-25 March 2022. Given the ongoing challenges with the COVID-19 pandemic, UN Women advised making the best out of a virtual engagement considering no ground passes were issued. Nevertheless, through different avenues available for CSW66, YWCA leaders showcased the movement’s unique identity and leadership as a powerful global women’s rights faith-based movement. Whether networking, hosting parallel events at the NGO CSW Forum, advocating during formal and informal meetings, participating in interactive dialogues and campaigns, engaging in social media, or creating safe spaces, YWCA leaders joined the international community to advocate for gender equality and CSW66’s priority and review themes.

Click here to read the agreed conclusions adopted by CSW66.

Here are some of World YWCA @ CSW66 highlights!

  1. World YWCA hosted a virtual booth in the Exhibit Hall at the NGO CSW Forum platform as a hub to share YWCA resources and updates on events. This networking space also invited the CSW community to join a series of virtual safe spaces in four thematic areas led by intergenerational YWCA leaders. The World YWCA safe spaces brought together approximately 60 participants that openly shared and reflected on the following topics:
  • #ThursdaysInBlack: Solidarity & Resistance to Tackle Gender-Based Violence
  • Language and its Contribution to Perpetuating and Normalising Sexual and Gender-Based Violence
  • Centring the Leadership of Women and Young Women in Climate
  • #BulletAndDove: Stories on the Ground Versus Media Narratives
  1. The World YWCA joined ecumenical partners and NGOs for the Faith in Climate and Gender Justice virtual booth at CSW66. This alliance encouraged YWCA leaders to engage as thought leaders at side events and share their views on climate and gender justice and its connection to faith.
  2. Interactive parallel events led by YWCAs:
  • “Young Women’s Views on Climate Disaster from Japan,” led by YWCA of Japan, addressed the CSW66 theme and provided critical insights into young women’s views on climate justice.
  • “Economic Empowerment and Entrepreneurs,” led by YWCA Palestine, focused on the linkage between economic empowerment for women and young women and the imperative need to tackle domestic and gender-based violence. Watch the session here.
  1. YWCA leaders engaged in advocacy online using digital tools such as social media to amplify their voices using the #CSW66 hashtag.

Women bear the brunt of climate change. They are not only well suited to find solutions to prevent further degradation and adapt to the changing climate – they have a vested interest in doing so. Let’s ensure their voices are at the center of #ClimateAction #CSW66.

*Taken from YWCA Kenya Twitter during CSW66.

YWCA leaders also raised their voice in other virtual platforms such as podcasts in partnership with other international organisations. Click here to listen to YWCA leader Nanako Tojo from YWCA Japan sharing her reflections of CSW66.

We would love to celebrate other highlights we might be missing! Share your unique experience and thoughts about CSW this year by posting on social media using the hashtags #YWCALeaders #CSW66 or write a blog at She Speaks! You can always reach us at getinvolved@worldywca.org.

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