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Essential Resources for Starting Your Own Nonprofit

Just as female business owners are becoming more and more vital to the business community, women are also getting increasingly more involved in nonprofit organizations. If you want to make a positive change in the world, you might consider starting a nonprofit of your own! This resource guide from World YWCA She Speaks can help you start your own nonprofit in any chosen niche, from food scarcity to homelessness.

Create a Business Plan and Register Your Nonprofit

A nonprofit is a legally recognized business entity that needs to be formally registered with the state and the federal government.

  • First, write a business plan detailing exactly what needs your nonprofit will fulfill and how it will be run. You can find nonprofit business plan templates
  • With your business idea concretely defined, register your nonprofit entity with the government.
  • Once the requirements are fulfilled, apply for tax-exempt status to earn registered charity status (depending on your location).

Set Up the Framework to Operate Your Nonprofit

A nonprofit needs to be run in an organized fashion, just like a business.

  • Nonprofits juggle many different tasks. Get project management software to stay on top of your organization’s duties.
  • Like any business, nonprofits rely on marketing to raise awareness and gather support. Implement marketing tools to raise your profile.
  • If you work from home, make sure you have a dedicated office where you can focus on your nonprofit, separate from your personal life. If you need to make some renovations, good news: certain home upgrades can actually improve your home’s appraisal value!

Get the Financial and Practical Support You Need to Maintain Operations

In addition to the right tools, nonprofits require the support of people in order to thrive.

When you start a nonprofit, you are taking a step toward greater professional and personal fulfillment. While nonprofit formation is a detailed process, you have many free resources to help you along the way.

World YWCA She Speaks is an engagement platform that features contributions from young women and girls who are driving social change and transforming power structures for gender equality. Call 41 22 929 60 32.

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