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“If I could go back in time, I would tell my 15-year-old self that you’re not the only one suffering with your mental health. Talk to your teachers, family and friends.”

Get inspired by stories of change, take action by donating to World YWCA Nanako had completed her graduation and was looking for volunteering opportunities on the internet when she came across the YWCA and immediately felt motivated to join. What piqued her interest was that the YWCA provided accommodations to international […]

Raising my voice at CSW65 to advocate for women’s participation and decision-making in public life and calling to end violence against all women and girls

“I firmly believe that we should stand in solidarity to achieve diversity, inclusion, feminist movements and much more, rather than stepping away.” I’m Kosalina Vignarajah and it brings me great joy to introduce myself as a young woman leader from YWCA of Sri Lanka. Growing up, I have had to […]