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Leadership and identity during COVID19

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    Helen Ferguson

    I identify as a leader it is how I see myself. I am someone who always has 100 things going on at once and I find that I am most productive when I have too much to do. As strange as it may sound I enjoy living this way I find so much of my confidence in my accomplishments and my leadership. Since the outbreak of COVID19, I have lost my ability to stay busy and to feel like or identify as a leader. I am confident that this is a healthy opportunity for me to take a step back, breathe, and think about why I always want to be so busy and to explore other parts of my identity. However, that does not make it easy and I am struggling with this transition. Do others have similar feelings during this time. How have you found ways to continue to be leaders in your communities from a distance or to explore more introverted aspects of yourself?

    Andrea Gradiz

    Hi, I went thru something similar, not during this time in Quarentine, but quite similar in the aspect that you give your 100 percent to the community and others that when the time comes and you are confronted with just yourself and in such an abrupt way it becomes, as you said, a struggling transition. One thing that helped me was to change the focus of my leadership, we tend to forget about ourselves as a person as wel. I can be a leader to myself as well. My personal stuff as well as the things I can sort or organize during this time for me and my community. And now during querentine, I find more spare time, so I can also give opportunity to see what I like, to try everything (books, yoga, gardening, embrodery, movies, wood work, puzzles) whatever comes to mind. I am not considering it as activities to pass the time, but I am taking it as a journey to know more about myself, what I like and don’t, what I used to like and now I don’t, what I am good at that I did not know before. I believe that Growing yourself and in your personal ground is a sustantial asset for leadership. Now is a good time to try everything out.


    I totally feel what you’re going through! As insane as it sounds, I also like having a full schedule and having things to work on because that’s when I am at my best. I have always loved the downtime too but this extended and “forced” downtime felt a bit too much. Things that worked for me was participating in a lot of informational online sessions since there are so many of them happening right now, a colleague of mine initiated a reading club where we read one short story a day and discuss it in the evening…. this has been so therapeutic for me and I am getting to hear like 15 different view points on the same story, touching base with the participants of a program I run for virtual coaching if needed and just reading books/hearing podcasts that I had intended to but never got the chance to. These I think is just something I am doing now with the hope that I can use it some day once the lockdown ends. I also do yoga, workout, try out new recipes and spend more time with my family. I am also a very structured person and like having things on my calendar so I don’t have work stuff but I put other things that I am doing on my calendar and it gives me a false sense of structure but I like it haha. Also, honestly really just take time to figure things you like and invest on yourself and it’s okay to unwind and let it go for a bit 🙂

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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