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Thoughts through crisis by Ellie Schonberg

Thoughts Through Crisis

In early January, I arrived in Geneva, Switzerland to begin what I thought would be 4 months studying abroad. The minute I stepped off the plane in Geneva, I was in love with the city. The mountainous backdrop, the swiss concern for cleanliness, and the European atmosphere pulled me. My […]

How YWCAs are Responding to COVID-19-3

How YWCAs are Responding to COVID-19

The YWCA is a global movement of leaders. YWCA leaders are women of all ages. They are problem solvers, care takers, agents of change, and supporters in their communities and families, both formally and informally. During the COVID-19 pandemic, we know women carry an even heavier load, tending to the […]

Bella Innovating For Change! ✨

Imagine the difference a young woman can make in society when she proactively takes a stand against a human rights violation like female genital mutilation (FGM). Young women who advocate for sexual reproductive health and rights (SRHR) transform their lives and the lives of others, by challenging harmful, social and […]

Naomi’s Journey to Leadership and Social Change

YWCA-Rwanda Transforming Lives Of Adolescent Girls And Young Women ISEZERANO Naomi is a 18-year old girl living in Rwanda. Coming from a family of humble background with eight members (both parents and 6 children), she has been one of the the 5026 beneficiaries of the of the USAID Twiyubake DREAMS-Like […]

Spotlight on Aditi Gupta, Founder of Menstrupedia from India

Young Women’s access to Sanitation and Hygiene: World Toilet Day 2018 19th November marks the #WorldToiletDay . While concerns around sanitation and hygiene are being discussed and solutions are being sought globally, the linkages around young women, sanitation and hygiene and access to toilet and sanitation-hygiene services is one which […]

Disability and Feminism

I am a 21 year old feminist from Zimbabwe.  Being a student at the University of Cape Town has opened my mind to different issues that are rarely discussed in public. I am interested in understanding Feminism from different perspectives, hence, I have been researching on Disability and Feminism. Just […]

Breaking the Taboo

If someone asked me before the training whether I wanted to deal with the topic of sexual and reproductive health, I would have hesitated to respond, and  would have said in frustration: NO. That’s because it was a bit embarrassing and unnecessary, as we got information on the subject through […]

The little difference and its huge consequences

Women around the world are violated because of the ‘petite différance’ , the little difference. This little difference means: because they are considered to have a vagina and no penis. These little differences cause big consequences, says Alice Schwarzer. In 1975, the German  and feminist journalist Alice Schwarzer published a book […]