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Empowerment of women and young girls gives us the strength to break barriers and a chance to face the world and be what we are meant to be.

Girl Power!

Women’s empowerment is key in the society. However, many are against it, and different cultures hinder it. Consequently, women are put in a box of predetermined social roles that has turned out to be bondage to many of them. Some young women and girls accept these, while other choose to fight gender stereotypes and myths—serving great role models for other young women and girls. I had the privilege to meet one young woman who has broken cultural barriers  and challenged stereo types,  has risen up. She is a working mum and still gets time to shine bright in the world. Brenda kavere was born and raised in a village in kitale, kenya. Loosing her parents at an early, it was tough for her to grow, but she did not allow her situation to define her life. She went to school and became a nurse, for she loves to see women have the best health and and access to maternal care. For her, being a working mum at a young age is so beautiful—she feels like a super woman! She faces new challenges every day, but that has never pushed her down. Brenda had the opportunity to be part of an exchange programme with Kfuk Fkum Global for one year and she seized it. Many would never take that risk especially when a child is involved, but when I asked her why she did it, she said,  “unless we take  risk in life, we may never know what opportunities are out there for us”. Empowerment of women, young women and girls gives us the strength to break barriers and a chance to face the world and be what we are meant to be. For one year, Brenda managed to run the world and be  a mum and a loving wife to her husband despite the distance. It was rough, but the fact that she is able to empower and inspire other women makes her content. Watching her use technology to call her son and husband every day and hearing her ask what they have had for dinner and how their day was has got  got me thinking about how women need to rise and push their careers to a new level despite having families. Women have the power to multi-task As they say “when you empower a woman, you empower a nation”  and as my favourite singer puts it WHO RUN THE WORLD? GIRLS! Yes, we do run this world for prosperity. Watch our pace!


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